The Cheese 10-Tracks Pearl Jam, Part III

Before we embark on the huge task of Giving Bob Dylan The Cheese, it seemed right to go back and just pay a little attention again to Pearl Jam.

Here we improve each Pearl Jam album by 10-Tracking the hell out of them in the final part of a three part series.

Riot Act (2002)


 This is one big, bloated mess of an album that, along with ‘Vitalogy’, were probably the two key albums that needed 10 Tracking.

Quite a bit is changed here.  We lose exactly half of the 14 tracks on the album – ‘Help Help’, ‘Bushleager’, ‘1/2 Full’, ‘Green Disease’, ‘Get Right’, ‘Arc’ and ‘Ghost.’ Added in is ‘Down’ and ‘Undone.’ Both these tracks are phenomenal and should have been on the album – especially ‘Undone.’

Now this is actually a fantastic album :

Side One
1. Can’t Keep
2. Save You
3. Love Boat Captain
4. I Am Mine
5. Thumbing My Way

Side Two
1. You Are
2. Down
3. Cropduster
4. Undone
5. All Or None

Pearl Jam (2006)


 At 13 tracks and not being at all a strong album, this was another album screaming out to be 10-Tracked. By trimming it down to 10 tracks and playing around with the sequencing, I think this album goes from being the band’s weakest to one that I would happily listen to regularly from start to finish.

Out are the two crapfests on the album – ‘Unemployable’ and ‘Comatose.’ Gone also is the nice but unnecessary ‘Wasted Reprise.’

The sequencing is changed quite a bit. ‘Gone’ and ‘Come Back’ are moved up the tracklisting to really give Side One some kick because they’re such strong songs. ‘Inside Job’ is changed from being the album’s closer to the track that opens Side Two. And it’s an excellent opener. ‘Parachutes’ makes a solid closer.

This version is a huge improvement.

Side One
1. Life Wasted
2. World Wide Suicide
3. Gone
4. Severed Hand
5. Come Back

Side Two
1. Inside Job
2. Marker In The Sand
3. Big Wave
4. Army Reserve
5. Parachutes

Backspacer (2009)


The only Pearl Jam I wouldn’t change. It’s a good album that I really like but it is by no means perfect. But it’s 11 tracks and it absolutely flies by at less than 37 minutes. So why change anything?  It’s already a good length.


Lightning Bolt (2013)


I quite like this album and wouldn’t change too much. It’s just a touch too long and could have done with something closer to ‘Backspacers’ pacing. Which is to say, quick.

Out are ‘Swallowed Whole’ and ‘Yellow Moon’, two songs that I just could not warm to. What’s left is an album that just flows that little bit better.

I probably would have changed the title too, I never liked ‘Lightning Bolt’ as a title and think it’s their only bad album title.

Side One

1. Getaway
2. Mind Your Manners
3. My Father’s Son
4. Sirens
5. Lightning Bolt

Side Two
1. Pendulum
2. Infallible
3. Let The Records Play
4. Sleeping By Myself
5. Future Days

10 tracks. Nice and clean.

Cheese 2

Cheese 1

The Cheese 10-Tracks Pearl Jam, Part II

Before we embark on the huge task of Giving Bob Dylan The Cheese, it seemed right to go back and just pay a little attention again to Pearl Jam.

Here we improve each Pearl Jam album by 10-Tracking the hell out of them in Part II of a three part series.

 No Code (1996)


I really like this album but I think this 10-Tracked version is just a little tighter. We lose ‘Habit’, ‘Mankind’ and ‘I’m Open’ to get the track listing down to something more manageable. We gain ‘All Night’ because it’s one of the strongest tracks from the ‘No Code’ sessions and should have always been included.

This is actually 11 tracks. We can get away with this because ‘Lukin’ is so short at basically only 1 minute in length.

I would have loved to have added ‘Long Road’ which is one of my favourite Pearl Jam songs and was a year old at this stage. But I feel that song got a decent release on the ‘Merkinball’ EP in 1995.

I like this version.

Side One
1. Sometimes
2. Hail Hail
3. Who You Are
4. In My Tree
5. Smile

Side Two
1. Off He Goes
2. Present Tense
3. Lukin
4. Red Mosquito
5. All Night
6. Around The Bend


Yield (1998)


Like ‘No Code’, this is an excellent album and these changes just make the album a tighter listen.

Gone is the superfluous, stupid crap that are just time wasters – ‘The Color Red’ and ‘Push Me, Pull Me.’ ‘Pilate’ is gone on the grounds that it’s a bit of a crappy song.

The sequencing is changed up a little.  ‘Do The Evolution’ is a great closer for Side One.  I really like this Side One, it’s full of good rock songs.  I like ‘Wishlist’ opening Side Two.

10-Tracking this improves what is already a very strong album.

Side One
1. Brain Of J.
2. Faithful
3. No Way
4. Given To Fly
5. Do The Evolution

Side Two
1. Wishlist
2. MFC
3. Low Light
4. In Hiding
5. All Those Yesterdays


Binaural (2000)


One of my least favourite Pearl Jam albums gets quite the work over.

Gone are the two unlistenable tracks – ‘Rival’ and ‘Sleight Of Hand.’  Also out is ‘Insignificance’, ‘Of The Girl’ and ‘Soon Forget’ – three tracks that just add nothing to the album at all.

Added to the track-listing is ‘Sad’, which is one of Pearl Jam’s strongest tracks from this era and should have always been on the album. It’s a great song. Also added is ‘Education’, which is not one of the band’s strongest tracks but is decent and a whole lot better than a lot of what actually made the album.

This still wouldn’t be my favourite Pearl Jam album but I think I’d listen to this version a lot more. This version would be like ‘No Code Lite’ or ‘Diet No Code. ‘ And I mean that as a compliment.

Side One
1. Breakerfall
2. God’s Dice
3. Light Years
4. Nothing As It Seems
5. Evacuation

Side Two
1. Thin Air
2. Sad
3. Education
4. Grievance
5. Parting Ways

10 tracks. Nice and clean.

Cheese 2


Cheese 1

The Cheese 10-Tracks Pearl Jam, Part I

Before we embark on the huge task of Giving Bob Dylan The Cheese, it seemed right to go back and just pay a little attention again to Pearl Jam.

Here we improve each Pearl Jam album by 10-Tracking the hell out of them in a three part series.

Ten (1991)


To 10-Track this we needed to lose ‘Garden’ and ‘Deep.’ It’s a shame to lose ‘Garden’ because it’s a very good track but something had to give to fit ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ in, which is one of Pearl Jam’s best tracks.

I really like this version. The only potential problem is Side Two is now a bit slower because of these changes and lacks some kick. But I think the strongest tracks are now actually on the album.

Side One
1. Once
2. Even Flow
3. Alive
4. Why Go
5. Black

Side Two
1. Jeremy
2. Yellow Ledbetter
3. Oceans
4. Porch
5. Release

There was enough high quality material left over from the ‘Ten’ era to make an EP. Each of these tracks are very strong, I think this would have made a great EP. I guess ‘Deep’ just becomes a b-side?

Side One
1. State Of Love & Trust
2. Garden
3. Alone

Side Two
1. Wash
2. Hold On
3. Footsteps

Vs (1993)


Here we lose two of the weaker tracks from the album, ‘Rats’ and ‘Leash’, to get it down to 10-Tracks.

The sequencing is re-shuffled as I really like ‘Small Town’ opening Side Two and ‘Blood’ directly following it. I also like the idea of ‘Rearviewmirror’, perhaps Pearl Jam’s first true mini-epic, rounding out the album before ‘Indifference’ closes it out.

It is a shame not to fit ‘Hard To Imagine’ in somewhere, but there just isn’t space. Sadly, it has to make a great b-side.

I like this version better.

Side One
1. Go
2. Animal
3. Daughter
4. Glorified G
5. Dissident

Side Two
1. Elderly Woman Behind A Counter In A Small Town
2. Blood
3. WMA
4. Rearviewmirror
5. Indifference

Vitalogy (1994)


As discussed when ‘Vitalogy’ was Given The Cheese, there is a ton of shit cluttering up what could have been an all-time great album. Gone is the absolute horseshit that is nothing but a total waste of time – ‘Pry, To’, ‘Bugs’ and ‘Stupidmop.’ We also lose ‘Aya Davanita’ to get us down to 10 tracks.

How much more listenable is this 10-Tracked version? It’s a huge improvement. It’s now an almost freakishly good album.

Side One
1. Last Exit
2. Spin The Black Circle
3. Not For You
4. Tremor Christ
5. Nothingman

Side Two
1. Corduroy
2. Better Man
3. Whipping
4. Satan’s Bed
5. Immortality

10 tracks. Nice and clean.

Cheese 2

Cheese 1

Pearl Jam Gets Given The Cheese

tumblr_static_cheese_205_1362800142The correct ranking of Pearl Jam’s albums is:

01  Ten (1991)
02  Vs (1993)
03  Yield (1998)
04  Vitalogy (1994)
05  No Code (1996)
06  Backspacer (2009)
07  Lightning Bolt (2013)
08  Riot Act (2002)
09  Binaural (2000)
10  Pearl Jam (2006)

Probably a typical list, but regardless, Pearl Jam has now been given the cheese.

Pearl Jam – Non-Album Tracks


These non-album tracks from Pearl Jam would rank high if they were included on their albums.  Most probably should have been put on an album.

State Of Love & Trust
Yellow Ledbetter
Hard To Imagine
The Long Road
Last Kiss
Man Of The Hour