The 1996 Academy Awards Get Given The Cheese


Here we give the 1996 Academy Awards The Cheese. Well, the six most prestigious awards anyway.

The 1996 Academy Awards were actually for movies released in 1995. But you knew that, yeah?



Winner: Braveheart
Nominees : Apollo 13, Babe, The Postman, Sense & Sensibility

THE CHEESE: I feel like, generally speaking, the Academy Awards was just way off in 1996 and was not at all representative of the best films of 1995. Either that or my taste in movies was a bit fucked up that year.

I wouldn’t nominate ‘Braveheart’, ‘Babe’, ‘The Postman’ or ‘Sense & Sensibility’ for Best Picture. They’re all decent films but none of them are worthy of being nominated for Best Picture and were not 4 of the top 5 films of 1995.

Instead, I’d have nominated ‘Apollo 13’, ‘The Bridges Of Madison County’, ‘Dead Man Walking’, ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ and ‘Seven.’ They were probably the best films of 1995, not fucking ‘Babe’ or fucking ‘Braveheart.’

It is a shame not to get ‘The Usual Suspects’, ‘Heat’ or ‘Dead Man’ (the western with Johnny Depp) nominated, but they just wouldn’t have quite sneaked in.

And I’d have given the Oscar to ‘Dead Man Walking.’ Without question.


1996_view_director_picture_gibsonBEST DIRECTOR
Winner: Mel Gibson (Braveheart)
Nominees : Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas), Chris Noonan (Babe), Michael Radford (The Postman), Tim Robbins (Dead Man Walking)

THE CHEESE: Once again, my list of nominees would be very different to what the Academy eventually went with.

I’m not saying this as some kind of revisionist history against Mel Gibson. I was a Gibson fan until the early 2000’s when he stopped making movies I was interested in. And it’s very easy to stick the boot into him now since he has been exposed as the anti-sematic, misogynist pig he apparently is. But I just didn’t think ‘Braveheart’ was all that great.  It’s famous for that ‘freedom’ speech, but who gives a fuck?  It just wasn’t a great film and didn’t deserve all the allocates it received from the Academy that year.

I also wouldn’t have nominated Chris Noonan (Babe) or Michael Radford (The Postman) either.

I’d have nominated Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas), David Fincher (Seven), Michael Mann (Heat), Tim Robbins (Dead Man Walking) and Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects.)

It would have been good to nominate Clint Eastwood for ‘Bridges Of Madison County’ but I think he just misses out.

In the end, I’d have given the Oscar to Tim Robbins for ‘Dead Man Walking.’



Winner: Nicholas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas)
Nominees : Richard Dreyfuss (Mr. Holland’s Opus), Anthony Hopkins (Nixon), Sean Penn (Dead Man Walking), Massimo Troisi (The Postman)

THE CHEESE: Considering he hasn’t made a movie worth watching since ‘The Weather Man’ and ‘Lord Of War’ in 2005, it’s easy to forget that Nicholas Cage is actually an awesome actor and completely deserves the Oscar he has. He gave some amazing performances in the 1980’s and 1990’s that have since been overshadowed by the utter shithouse dredge he’s made over the last 10 years. But he was heartbreaking in ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ and he totally deserves the Oscar.

I’d change around some of the nominations though. I wouldn’t nominate Richard Dreyfuss or Massimo Troisi at all. Hopkins should still get nominated despite the fact he gave a tremendous performance in an absolutely terrible film.

I’d have nominated Nicholas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas), Robert De Niro (Heat), Clint Eastwood (The Bridges Of Madison County), Anthony Hopkins (Nixon) and Sean Penn (Dead Man Walking.) I think these were the best performances for the year, even if it’s a very much a ‘big name’ list.

And yeah, I’d have still given it to Cage.


020608_sarandon_300X400BEST ACTRESS
Winner: Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking)
Nominees : Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas), Sharon Stone (Casino), Meryl Streep (The Bridges Of Madison County), Emma Thompson (Sense & Sensibility)

THE CHEESE: There isn’t a single thing I’d change here. The nominees are pretty well spot on and I’d have certainly given the award to Susan Sarandon. They got this one right.


Winner: Kevin Spacey (The Usual Suspects)
Nominees : James Cromwell (Babe), Ed Harris (Apollo 13), Brad Pitt (12 Monkeys), Tim Roth (Rob Roy)

THE CHEESE: Kevin Spacey, until ‘House Of Cards’ the last few years, was a bit like Nicholas Cage in that you’d be forgiven for forgetting what a great actor he is. He made a fairly consistent run of terrible films from 2000 to now. But he had some great performances in some fantastic films in the 1990’s.

All the nominees are spot on but one too. I’d have nominated Kevin Spacey twice in this category. Instead of James Cromwell I’d have nominated Kevin Spacey a second time for ‘Seven.’ In the end I’d have still given him the award for ‘The Usual Suspects.’


521258-mira-sorvinoBEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS
Winner:  (Mighty Aphrodite)
Nominees : Joan Allen (Nixon), Kathleen Quinland (Apollo 13), Mare Winningham (Georgia), Kate Winslet (Sense & Sensibiliy)

THE CHEESE: Giving the Academy Awards The Cheese has really illustrated to me that people are really onto something when they say there are not nearly as many good roles for women as there are for men. Almost every year this category is a mystery to me. I often have not seen half of the films that have performances nominated in this category. Those I have seen don’t ever really stand out in my mind.

This year is no different. On the surface I don’t think Mira Sorvino should necessarily have an Oscar. But I can’t think of any other supporting performances by a woman to nominate instead of what was eventually nominated. So what do you do? I guess it’s right?

But there should be better roles for women. There really should.


Who even remembers and who even cares?


Overall, it was a very weird year with tons of nominations thrown out by The Cheese and the history books being almost totally re-written in parts. This one has been fun.


‘Colors Of The Wind’ won the Oscar for Best Original Song for ‘Pocahontas’ and Bryan Adams was nominated for ‘Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman’ from ‘Don Juan DeMarco.’ Pocahontas and Bryan Adams? Really? Springsteen was nominated for the song ‘Dead Man Walking’ but didn’t win. Eddie Vedder was eligible to be nominated for ‘The Long Road’ from ‘Dead Man Walking.’ He wasn’t nominated. U2 were eligible for ‘Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me’ for ‘Batman Forever’ which was the only good thing about that shitful movie. They weren’t nominated. But, yeah, ‘Pocahontas.’ Great.

Because you know who should have a fucking Oscar?  Eddie Vedder for ‘The Long Road.’  Fuck, that song is kick ass.

Cheese Oscar

Cheese 1

U2 – Songs Of Innocence (2014)



Every Breaking Wave
Iris (Hold Me Close)
The Troubles

Song For Someone
Raised By Wolves
Sleep Like A Baby Tonight

The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
Cedarwood Road
This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now

California (There Is No End To Love)


THE CHEESE: Well, shit. I can’t say I saw this coming at all.

 Over the last 17 years U2 had managed to release only three albums. The terribly inconsistent ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’, the terribly boring ‘How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb’ and the terribly embarrassing ‘No Line On The Horizon.’ Naturally The Cheese’s expectation for the new U2 album was low. The fact the album was five years in the making and had approximately 47 release dates that were not eventually met certainly gave the impression this was U2’s ‘Chinese Democracy’ and the band was perhaps totally spent as a creative force.

But ‘Songs Of Innocence’ is pretty fucking good. Let’s not get carried away – it’s not great. It certainly isn’t even worth comparing to U2’s classic top albums. But it’s a very good album. It’s largely consistent, holds together as an actual album, is sequenced perfectly, is lively and interesting. It’s everything the last two albums were not.

I’m not sure there are any big hits on the album at all. But I don’t give a shit about that because I’m not 14 years old.

Perhaps the best thing about the album is it doesn’t have any crassly and deliberately stupid songs on it like ‘Elevation’, ‘Vertigo’ or ‘Get On Your Boots.’

The top 4 songs are amazing and are a quality I didn’t think the band could record any longer. ‘Volcano’ is easily my favorite U2 song since those 4 great songs on ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind.’ ‘Every Breaking Wave’ is an instant classic U2 song. The lyrics on the whole album are, broadly speaking, very strong.

We’ll let the album sit with us for the next few weeks and then we’ll have to revisit U2’s Cheese. I’m not sure where it ranks in U2’s history – I think it’s probably somewhere in the middle.   And that feels like a huge win as a U2 fan.

The 1995 Academy Awards Get Given The Cheese


Here we give the 1995 Academy Awards The Cheese. Well, the six most prestigious awards anyway.

The 1995 Academy Awards were actually for movies released in 1994. But you knew that, yeah?


Winner: Forrest Gump
Nominees : Four Weddings & A Funeral, Pulp Fiction, Quiz Show, The Shawshank Redemption

THE CHEESE: I’m a massive Tom Hanks homer and I’m a ‘Forrest Gump’ homer. Hanks is one of my favourite actors and I love ‘Forrest Gump.’ Yes, I totally understand what people don’t like about that movie. And yes, some sequences are a little silly. And yes, the cross-country running sequence is especially excruciating to sit through.  And yes, it’s overly sentimental. But I love the film. I cry like a baby during the ‘you died on a Tuesday’ speech Forrest gives at Jenny’s gravesite. I love, love, love the movie.

But it’s a crime ‘Forrest Gump’ won Best Picture over ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’ And it’s an even bigger crime it won it over ‘Pulp Fiction.’ ‘Pulp Fiction’ had to win this award. It was the best film of the year and is maybe the best movie of the 90’s. It’s flatly stupid it didn’t win.

I like all of the films that were nominated a lot, though it’s a shame ‘Ed Wood’ didn’t get nominated. I would maybe have nominated that ahead of ‘Four Weddings & Funeral.’

I’m also a big fan of ‘The Paper’, ‘Wolf’ and ‘Wyatt Earp’ and would have loved to have seen them nominated for something. Though I recognise the rest of the world didn’t agree me on those films, so it’s probably for the best they weren’t nominated.



Winner: Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump)
Nominees : Woody Allen (Bullets Over Broadway), Krzysztof Kieślowski (Three Colors: Red), Robert Redford (Quiz Show), Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction)

THE CHEESE: Robert Zemeckis did a great job with Forrest Gump.   It was a very creative film and I’m also a bit of a Zemeckis homer…he wrote and directed the ‘Back To The Future’ trilogy for shits sake, so obviously it’s totally okay that he got an Oscar.  He’s awesome. Give the man a fucking Oscar.

But fuck off, this had to got to Tarantino for ‘Pulp Fiction.’ It had to. How did he not win this?

I also would have nominated Tim Burton for ‘Ed Wood’ instead of Woody Allen. I really like Allen but ‘Bullets Over Broadway’ was never one of my favourites from him.



Winner: Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump)
Nominees : Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption), Nigel Hawthorne (The Madness Of King George), Paul Newman (Nobody’s Fool), John Travolta (Pulp Fiction)

THE CHEESE: I like that Tom Hanks won the Oscar for Best Actor two years in a row. That’s cool. I wouldn’t want to change that.

The nominations are all a bit crazy though. Nigel Hawthorne was fine in ‘The Madness Of King George’ but I don’t think his performance was worthy of being nominated. I’d nominate Johnny Depp in ‘Ed Wood’ before Hawthorne. I’d probably nominate Michael Keaton in ‘The Paper’ before him too. Keaton was a lot of fun to watch in that movie.

It’s a shame Ralph Fiennes wasn’t nominated for ‘Quiz Show.’ He was excellent in that film.

I’m also not really sure John Travolta was actually the lead actor in ‘Pulp Fiction.’ If the film had a lead actor – I think it was probably Samuel L. Jackson. His character arc is much more critical to the movie than Travolta’s.

And I don’t really think Morgan Freeman was the lead actor in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ either. This had to be Tim Robbins who also could have easily been nominated.

In the end I think the nominations should have been Johnny Depp (Ed Wood), Ralph Fiennes (Quiz Show), Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction) and Tim Robbins (The Shawshank Redemption.) With Hanks winning.


12254567_galBEST ACTRESS
Winner: Jessica Lang (Blue Sky)
Nominees : Jodie Foster (Nell), Miranda Richardson (Tom & Viv), Winona Ryder (Little Women), Susan Sarandon (The Client.)

THE CHEESE: Winona Ryder was nominated two years in a row? That’s weird – I don’t remember that. Also, the only two movies I’ve seen out of this bunch is ‘Little Women’ and ‘The Client.’ And I wouldn’t give the award to either Winona Ruder or Susan Sarandon for those films. So I can’t really comment here. But I like Jessica Lang, so that’s fine.



Winner: Martin Landau (Ed Wood)
Nominees : Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction), Chazz Palminteri (Bullets Over Broadway), Paul Scofield (Quiz Show), Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump.)

THE CHEESE: I love Martin Landau’s performance in ‘Ed Wood’ and he totally deserved the Oscar.

I wouldn’t have nominated Chazz Palminteri (not for that particular role anyway), Paul Scofield or Gary Sinise. And as discussed, Jackson was really a lead actor and should have been nominated in that category.

I would have gone with Morgan Freeman for ‘Shawshank Redemption’, Dennis Quaid for ‘Wyatt Earp’, John Travolta for ‘Pulp Fiction’ and John Turturro for ‘Quiz Show.’ But with Landau still winning.


Winner: Dianne Wiest (Bullets Over Broadway)
Nominees : Rosemary Harris (Tom & Viv), Helen Mirren (The Madness Of King George), Uma Thurman (Pulp Fiction), Jennifer Tilly (Bullets Over Broadway)

THE CHEESE: Even though I don’t like the film, Dianne Wiest was really good ‘Bullets Over Broadway’ and probably deserved to win. Though it’s hard to look past Uma Thurman in ‘Pulp Fiction.’


Crazy Fashion Pics 7

Who even remembers and who even cares?



The main thing I remember about this Academy Awards is David Letterman’s performance as host. It was easily the most reviled hosting performance of the Academy Awards until James Franco stunk it up in 2011 and then Seth MacFarlane in 2014. But unlike Franco and MacFarlane (who I both like but legitimately sucked ass when they hosted the awards), watching Letterman bomb as host was actually a thing of beauty. It was like watching poetry in motion. He was doing exactly what I thought he would do and the awkwardness that followed was absolutely hilarious. I honestly believe he bombed on purpose. It was an Andy Kaufman-like performance that he never got any credit for.   And he got about a years worth of material from it for The Late Show as well. All of which I found excellent.


Elton John was nominated for THREE songs from the Lion King and eventually won it for ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight.’ Which is the correct decision.

Tom Cruise Gets Given The Cheese


It’s easy to make fun of Tom Cruise. Real, real easy. What gets lost in all his couch jumping and his crazy-talk about Zenu and spaceships is that he can be an exceptionally good actor and has been in some really good movies. So, in honor of that….we give Tom Cruise The Cheese.

GREAT MOVIES (Watch Them Yearly)
A Few Good Men (1992)
Jerry Maguire (1996)
Magnolia (1999)
Vanilla Sky (2001)
Collateral (2004)
War Of The Worlds (2005)
Valkyrie (2008)

GOOD MOVIES (Watch Them Every 1-2 Years)
Rain Man (1988)
Born On The Fourth Of July (1989)
The Firm (1993)
Mission Impossible (1996)
Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Minority Report (2002)
The Last Samurai (2003)
Mission Impossible 3 (2006)
Lions For Lambs (2007)
Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

‘MEH’ MOVIES (They’re Okay, Watch Them Once A Decade)
Risky Business (1983)
All The Right Moves (1983)
Legend (1985)
Top Gun (1986)
The Color Of Money (1986)
Far And Away (1992)
Tropic Thunder (2008)
Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)
Jack Reacher (2012)
Oblivion (2013)

Cocktail (1988)
Days Of Thunder (1990)
Interview With The Vampire (1994)
Mission Impossible 2 (2000)
Knight & Day (2010)
Rock Of Ages (2012)

Anything before Risky Business.

I have to come clean here – I absolutely loved Cocktail and Days Of Thunder when I was young. I mean, I know they’re horseshit now. But back then? I loved them.



Cheese 1

Bob Dylan Gets Given The Cheese


This has been no small task. In fact it’s a been fucking huge task. But we are now in a position to give Bob Dylan The Cheese.

In the final analysis, the correct ranking of Bob Dylan albums is :

01 Blood On The Tracks (1975)
02 Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
03 Blonde On Blonde (1966)
04 Bringing It All Back Home (1965)
05 Modern Times (2006)
06 Desire (1976)
07 Oh Mercy (1989)
08 Time Out Of Mind (1997)
09 Infidels (1983)
10 Planet Waves (1974)

11 The Tempest (2012)
12 Love And Theft (2001)
13 Nashville Skyline (1969)
14 John Wesley Harding (1967)
15 New Morning (1970)
16 The Times They Are A-Changing’ (1964)
17 The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1963)
18 Together Through Life (2009)
19 Slow Train Coming (1979)
20 Street Legal (1978)

21 Another Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
22 Bob Dylan (1962)
23 Saved (1980)
24 Shot Of Love (1981)
25 Empire Burlesque (1985)
26 Down In The Groove (1988)
27 Knocked Out Loaded (1986)
28 Under The Red Sky (1990)
29 Self Portrait (1970)

– ‘Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid’ (1973) because it was a soundtrack and mostly instrumental
– ‘Dylan’ (1973) because it was a cash-in by the record company that didn’t involve Dylan’s input
– ‘The Basement Tapes’ (1975) because it feels like a random collection of songs made 8 years earlier more than an actual album.  It’s feels like it belongs to the official ‘bootleg’ series.
– ‘Good As I’ve Been To You’ (1992) and ‘World Gone Wrong’ (1993) because they’re cover albums.
– ‘Christmas In The Heart’ (2009) because it’s, well, a Christmas album.

This all turned out well I think.  The rock trilogy albums probably have better songs end to end than ‘Blood On The Tracks.’  But there is just something about that album that makes it the best.

So, Bob Dylan has been Given The Cheese.




Cheese 1

Bob Dylan – Non-Album Tracks

Dylan’s catalogue is fucking massive, so its not surprisingly there is a shit load of his material that never made it onto his albums.  In fact, he has more stuff that didn’t make it onto an album than most rock artists have in their entire catalogue.  Besides maybe Springsteen.  A lot of these tracks are scattered all over the place but what follows is the neatest, easiest to find tracks that are really strong.


Bob Dylan - Basement Tapes 2

The ‘A Tree With Roots’ Bootleg (1967)

This is the Bootleg mentioned when ‘The Basement Tapes’ was Given the Cheese.  It has almost all of the tracks that were known to be recorded during this era and is a much better listen than the actual ‘Basement Tapes’, which in of it’s self is a good album.  A lot of what is on this bootleg is fantastic.


Dylan - Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits Volume II (1971)

This release had six unreleased tracks, all from the Self Portrait/Basement Tapes/New Morning era.  They’re all worth a listen but the best are probably

– ‘Watching The River Flow’

– ‘I Shall Be Released’

-‘You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.’


Dylan - Biograph

Biograph (1985)

This is a box set compilation that has 53 total songs, 18 in which had never been released before.  Most of the unreleased tracks are from the 1960’s but there are a few from later eras.  My favourite is probably ‘Abandoned Love’ that was left off of the ‘Desire’ album.  It’s a really good song.

‘Quinn The Eskimo (Mighty Eskimo)’ is pretty good too.


Dylan - Bootleg 1

The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3, 1961-1991 (1991)

Despite their name, the ‘Bootleg Series’ is an official collection of non-album material from Dylan.  So far there have been ten of them – five that are mostly live albums or full concerts and five that that are almost all made up of studio tracks.  They’re either tracks that didn’t make an album or they’re earlier/alternate versions of tracks that did.

This first one covered 30 years of Dylan’s career, with 34 songs covering the folk era (1962-1964) and the rock trilogy era (1965-1966.)  The best stuff on this album are the outtakes from the post-Christian era (1983-1990), which isn’t surprising since this is the era where Dylan left a lot of his best work off albums for reasons that make no sense to anyone.

The absolute best of these are probably :

– ‘Blind Willie McTell’ (from the ‘Infidels’ sessions), which is actually one of Dylan’s best ever tracks and it’s a crime it was left off ‘Infidels.’

– ‘Foot Of Pride’ (from the ‘Infidels’ sessions)

– An alternate take of ‘When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky.’  The version that ended up on ‘Empire Burlesque’ is shitfull to say the least.  This version is awesome though.

– ‘Series Of Dreams’ (from the ‘Oh Mercy’ sessions.)


Dylan - Greatest Hits 3

Greatest Hits Volume III (1994)

This had one very good unreleased track from the ‘Oh Mercy’ sessions –  ‘Dignity.’  It’s a really good track.


Dylan - Bootleg 8

The Bootleg Series Volume 8 – Tell Tale Signs, 1989-2006 (2008)

Most of the material on this release is from Dylan’s post-1997 comeback, and there is some great stuff on it.  There are lots of alternate versions of tracks from ‘Time Out Of Mind’, many which do not have the distinct Daniel Lanois production that people either loved or hated.

My favourites from this one are :

–   Alternate version of ‘Someday Baby’ from ‘Modern Times.’  I much prefer this version to the one on the album.

–   ‘Tell Ol’ Bill’ from the soundtrack to ‘North Country’ which sounds very much like a ‘Modern Times’ song.  It’s a very good track.

–  ‘Dreamin’ Of You’ from the ‘Time Out Of Mind’ sessions.  This is a great song.

–  ‘Huck’s Tune’ from the soundtrack to ‘Lucky You.’

–  ‘Marchin’ To The City’ from the ‘Time Out Of Mind’ sessions.



The Bootleg Series Volume 10 – Another Self Portrait, 1969-1971 (2013)

There are some tracks from the ‘Basement Tapes’ era and from ‘Nashville Skyline’ on this but the vast majority of tracks are from either the ‘Self Portrait’ sessions or the ‘New Morning’ sessions.

The whole thing is worth listening to, mainly because Dylan (reportedly) purposefully fucked up the ‘Self Portrait’ album and the tracks here from those sessions are vastly superior to anything that made the album.   Almost everything from the ‘New Morning’ sessions are an improvement on the album versions too.

There probably could have been one excellent album from the ‘Self Portrait’ and ‘New Morning’ sessions.  This whole era needs to be 10-Tracked.

The 1994 Academy Awards Get Given The Cheese


We take another weekend break from giving Bob Dylan The Cheese and turn our attention to giving the 1993 Academy Awards The Cheese. Well, the six most prestigious awards anyway.

The 1994 Academy Awards were actually for movies released in 1993. But you knew that, yeah?


schindlers_listBEST PICTURE
Winner: Schindler’s List
Nominees : In The Name Of The Father, The Fugitive, The Piano, The Remains Of The Day

THE CHEESE: Schinder’s List is the obvious winner here; it was always going to be. It was the most ‘important’ film of the bunch. Spielberg was certainly due an Oscar because he, amazingly, had never won one before. And, simply, it was easily the best film of the year. It’s an excellent film and beautifully made.

It’s fucking excellent ‘The Fugitive’ was nominated. Movies like that often don’t get nominated but it was one of the best 5 movies of 1993 and deserved to be nominated.

Though I have no idea what I would take out, because all five films are very strong, I think ‘Age Of Innocence’, ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘A Perfect World’ could have well been nominated too.


6754831641_901829ed78_zBEST DIRECTOR
Winner: Steven Spielberg (Schinder’s List)
Nominees : Robert Altman (Short Cuts), Jane Campion (The Piano), James Ivory (The Remains Of The Day), Jim Sheridan (In The Name Of The Father)

THE CHEESE: I’d have given Spielberg the Oscar for ‘Schinder’s List’, with out hesitation. It would have been okay if he was nominated for Jurassic Park too.  It’s hard to argue with the nomination list – it’s always fine when Altman is nominated and the other films are all perfectly fine.

I’d have been equally as happy to see Robert De Niro get nominated for ‘A Bronx Tale’, which was underrated in 1993 and still is today. Clint Eastwood could easily have been nominated for ‘A Perfect World.’

It was obvious the Academy was consciously ignoring ‘The Age Of Innocence’ but Martin Scorsese, like Altman, could be nominated for almost every film he does. And this one was no different.


600full-tom-hanksBEST ACTOR
Winner: Tom Hanks (Philadelphia)
Nominees : Daniel Day-Lewis (In The Name Of The Father), Laurence Fishburne (What’s Love Got To With It), Anthony Hopkins (The Remains Of The Day), Liam Neeson (Schinder’s List)

THE CHEESE: I’m a Tom Hanks homer, so I’d always happy to see him nominated or win. He was great in Philadelphia and it was no small thing that an actor playing the role of homosexual man with AIDS won the award for Best Actor. That was actually an accomplishment in 1994. So it went to Hanks and always should have.

It is a shame Liam Neeson missed out though. It was probably his best chance to win the award. He’s a fine actor and had never given a better performance than he did in ‘Schinder’s List,’ He probably never will either.

Michael Douglas should have been nominated for ‘Falling Down.’ He was great in that. Daniel Day-Lewis could have easily been nominated for ‘The Age Of Innocence’ too. To think he gave both of these incredible performances in the one year. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.


Holly-Hunter-Oscars-1993-Getty-ImagesBEST ACTRESS
Winner: Holly Hunter (The Piano)
Nominees : Angela Bassett (What’s Love Got To Do With It), Stockard Channing (Six Degrees Of Separation), Emma Thompson ‘The Remains Of The Day’, Debra Winger ‘Shadowlands.’

THE CHEESE: Well, I haven’t seen ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It.’ I don’t even remember Stockard Channing in ‘Six Degrees Of Separation’, though I haven’t seen the film since 1995. Debra Winger was excellent in ‘Shadowlands’, as was Emma Thompson in ‘The Remains Of The Day.’ But neither of those performances stand out like Holly Hunter in ‘The Piano.’ She was the obvious winner here.



Winner: Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive)
Nominees : Leonardo DiCaprio (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape), Ralph Fiennes (Schinder’s List), John Malkovich (In The Line Of Fire), Pete Poslethwaite (In The Name Of The Father)

THE CHEESE: I love that Tommy Lee Jones got an Oscar. I love that someone in a film like ‘The Fugitive’ won an Oscar. And Jones is awesome in the film. But you have to give this to Ralph Fiennes for ‘Schinder’s List.’ If it was actually possible to be the personification of evil, it would look and act just like Fiennes in ‘Schinder’s List.’ He deserved the Oscar.

The rest of the nominees are all very strong. It would have been good to see Sean Penn nominated for ‘Carlito’s Way.’ I maybe would have nominated him ahead of John Malkovich.   Just this one time. But then again, the same could be said for Denzel Washington in ‘Philadelphia’ who equally deserved to be nominated. So I don’t know.

I also have no idea why Tommy Lee Jones looked so completely insane at these Academy Awards.  I assume he looked look like that for whatever role he was playing at the time.  Because, christ all mighty, he looked totally Crazy Town.



Winner:  (The Piano)
Nominees : Holly Hunter (The Firm), Rosie Perez (Fearless), Winona Ryder (The Age Of Innocence), Emma Thompson (In The Name Of The Father)

THE CHEESE: This is a weird one. Two actress (Emma Thompson and Holly Hunter) were also nominated as lead actors in different movies. Rosie fucking Perez was fucking nominated for a fucking Oscar…just think about that for a second. And it wasn’t Martin Scorsese or Daniel Day-Lewis who received a nomination for ‘The Age Of Innocence.’ No, it was, instead, Winona Ryder? And, in the end, it went to Anna Paquin? Who was only 11 years old at the time?

Fuck me, I don’t even know where to start. None of this makes any sense to me. I don’t know. Just give it to Meg Ryan for ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ or something. What do I care? I can’t sort this mess out.


crazt  trends.jpg4

Who even remembers and who even cares?


That was a weird year, really. There were some really strong nominations. And there were some equally strong films and performances that were over looked. But in end Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks got their first Oscars. And who would want to change that?

Streets_of_Philadelphia oscars11

Oh. And Neil Young was nominated for an Oscar for the song ‘Philadelphia’ from the movie, well, ‘Philadelphia.’ And he lost…to the fucking Boss because Springsteen won the Oscar for Best Original Song for ‘Streets Of Philadelphia.’ Neil Young vs Bruce Springsteen at the Oscars? Now that’s fucking awesome.

Cheese Oscar

Cheese 1